Meet Lynn

Sought after transformation speaker, consultant and trainer.

Lynn has lived most of her life as a classic over-achiever. Excelling at whatever she put her mind to, she thought that getting good grades, mastering tasks and rising up the ranks was the sign of success. It wasn’t until she took a moment to look at her life and realized that although she looked like the epitome of success from the outside, she was sorely unhappy. That is when she decided to make a change in her life, make the commitment to her life’s purpose (helping others live life on their terms) and passion (acting), and she has not looked back since!

Now she helps individuals discover their life purpose and claim their own journey. Lynn assists people in living their lives fully engaged by creating a meaningful life and taking 100% accountability for their life.

Lynn also believes that organizations flourish when their people flourish. She empowers teams and individuals by developing competencies in communication, collaboration and leadership. She is strongly invested in support of personal growth, as well as professional growth. She believes that it is a two piece equation – empower individuals to contribute and engage fully, then organizations reap the business benefits of efficiency and higher returns.

Lynn has 15+ years of experience in worker/team management and business solutions. She is an experienced trainer delivering thousands of hours in soft skills and leadership expertise. She is also a well-versed consultant leading teams in business solution development and implementation, and organizational change management. With a passion for knowledge transfer, Lynn seeks to unite an organization’s success with the success of its people, both individually and professionally.

An accomplished public speaker, she has presented for industry conferences, business roundtables, professional associations, community groups, and Lynn has lent her writing skills to several white papers, as well as various blogs.

Lynn also trains speakers. So scary news is if you lead a team, a business unit, or give presentations – you are a speaker. The great news is Lynn can help you hone your presentation into a dynamic story, and help you deliver it from an engaging performance perspective.

Lynn is a Pacific Northwest native, growing up in the Puget Sound area, and relocating to the Portland, OR area for college. She lasted almost an additional couple of decades there before she ‘rusted’ out and finally couldn’t take the rain and gray anymore. Now she makes her home in Bend, OR where she loves the weather! You can often find her indulging in the wonderful cuisine/craft beer scene in Bend, as well as hiking, snowshoeing, and geocaching. She is also a theatrically trained actor, and has been seen in local commercials, as well as shows at numerous theatrical productions.

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