Hurry Up… And Wait

Have you ever felt that moment of pure inspiration?Hurry Up and Wait

Your adrenaline gets pumping and you feverishly create whatever the inspiration directs you to create. Then you get ready to release it into the world, only to find obstacle after obstacle after dang obstacle.

The fire fueling the inspiration is then subsequently and often rather quickly snuffed out to a smoldering ember. And your motivation seems to have burned out as well.

I understand this confusing, frustrating, and downright aggravating scenario first hand. I have been working on launching a program for a while now. It feels like a LONG LONG while.

The program itself came into creation rather easily. And every time I look at it I am super happy with it. Then I begin the launch process and discover one block after another. Whether it is website issues, e-commerce issues, plug-in issues, outreach issues, they all seemed to tumble in.

For a while I was angry and even depressed. After taking my lap in the pity pool I got out, dried myself off, and began looking at the circumstances. My conclusion was that it just was not the right time. The Universe was altering my timing.

Now I may not understand why, but I accept it. I had to really take a long hard look at my path. I feel great about the program. Intuitively I am right on track. So now… I wait.

This can be so confusing, but I believe – after much meditation, that what I need will show up when the time is right.

There are many good lessons happening at this time.

I guess in a nutshell I am being directed to rely on my faith. I know like I know like I know that this program is meant to be released. So now… I wait.

I have always said that I am lucky patience is not the ONLY virtue cause then I’d be out of luck! But this is a great exercise in patience. So now… I wait.

I believe in leading by example. And one mantra I have learned and truly 100% believe in that I need to focus on the WHAT, not the HOW. The HOW will show itself. So now… I wait.

I have also had the time to look up. Who knew that there is a lot of life continuing to go on? Perhaps life that needs my attention. Well I guess there is another lesson! I have had the opportunity to cultivate more partnerships and affiliations and deepen relationships. (Maybe partnership, affiliations and relationships that will come to play in the launch… hmmmmm…..) So now… I wait.

If you are finding yourself in a similar place here are some tips to get through “the wait”:

  • DON’T FORCE. It can be easy to keep your head down and plow through no matter what. But this resistance is happening for a reason.
  • Take time to settle. Introspection is your friend, especially at this time. Take a look at what you are working on. Is it still right for you? If no, then it’s time to listen to where you need to go next. If yes, then it’s time to keep your ear open to opportunity and act when the time is right.
  • Take the time to lift your head up and see what is going on around you. Perhaps there is something in your life that needs your attention.
  • Don’t get lazy. The wait isn’t an opportunity to do nothing and let time pass. It is a time to review, hone, tweak, and cultivate. The steps may be closer to baby steps, but remember even meditation/introspection is action.
  • Enjoy the ride. There is no use getting all worked up. Things are clearly not happening right now. There is a reason. Instead of getting angry and frustrated (resulting in low vibration) remain open and excited for what is coming down the path. It will come. Now is your time to get ready!

Once I accepted this resistance as part of the journey the waiting has become easier. But it has not become an excuse to do nothing as I wait. I continue to look for opportunities, strengthen associations, listen to my sphere and audience, and keep planning.

The inspired action will return and things will be off and running again.


Just include this complete statement with the content: A. Lynn Jesus, CEO and Purpose Expert with Thriveology, is dedicated to helping people discover their purpose and live life on their terms. Are you ready to get started? Stop going through the motions and find your Why with her FREE guidebook The Life (and Sometimes Coma) of Why.

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Mea Culpa… I Fell Off the Wagon

I am coming clean!

Those who follow my writing know I believe in transparency. Usually this is AWESOME… until I mess up!

In all honesty the honest truth is…. I must be reminded from time to time that I am… human. As much as my super brain would love to think I fire on all cylinders 100% of the time… I… in fact… do not.

I was on quite a roll there for a bit.

I was writing regularly, posting regularly, I Fell off the Wagon!creating new assets regularly. I was charging toward a product launch. But then I fell off the wagon.

Why? Well, because again, as it turns out I am human. There are the everyday things that ALL of us face – stresses, doubts, obstacles. I know I have felt my fair share over the last few weeks. And I allowed those to affect me. Things felt heavy. Inspiration had seemed to go MIA.

Now here is the really good news. I am back up on that wagon.

The thing to remember is that the toughest part seems to be the initial effort to change the tide and swing back in the direction you were going, or want to be. It’s so important to remember that there is no time limit. There is no expiration date. There is no required period in the penalty box. The truth is you can step back up on the wagon any time you want.

How to turn the tide:

  • Chances are if you have fallen off your wagon you need a rest. This can be a great thing. Take the time to be still and just rest. This is the time new ideas will come to you. New inspiration will find you and re-motivate you.
  • Do not force things. Since I am being all transparent here, I am also a Forcer. This has been a tough lesson to learn (and apparently re-learn… several times). But I believe these tumbles from the wagon are the Universe’s way of nudging me to stop forcing. It is a fabulous reminder that things unfold perfectly and in their own time – even if that timeframe does not match the one in my head.
  • Look back over the activities of the recent past and reassess if they are truly in line with your intentions. They may be and it may just be a timing thing. Or they may not be and this is a perfect time to modify your path.
  • Forgive yourself. It’s ok to take time. It’s ok to change your path. It’s ok to roll up your sleeves (even if it feels like it is the millionth time!) and get back at it – whatever “it” is for you. Be gentle, be kind and be ready for the inspired action to return.
  • Believe in yourself. You are on your path for a reason. You have a calling and a purpose. Perhaps that walk needs a little tweaking, but you have a gift and the world IS waiting for you.
  • Visualize your return. This means really picture how it looks to get back up on the wagon. How will your writing look? How will your schedule change? How will you adjust as needed? What new ideas will you be bringing with you?

I am happy that excitement has returned. I am feeling re-energized. I am feeling more focused. I am feeling at home working toward my goals once again.

Some folks can make adjustments mid-stride. I am clearly not one of those people. And I am ok with that. The cool thing is the view up here on the wagon is looking pretty dang good again.


Just include this complete statement with the content: A. Lynn Jesus, CEO and Purpose Expert with Thriveology, is dedicated to helping people discover their purpose and live life on their terms. Are you ready to get started? Stop going through the motions and find your Why with her FREE guidebook The Life (and Sometimes Coma) of Why.

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What’s on Your Mind? Is It IN Your Mind As Well?

Tis the time of year for goal making. Folks are spending quite a bit of time thinking about the new year and what they would like to accomplish.

But what is really on your mind?

Have you thought in general terms of what you are looking to achieve in 2015?

And is that enough? The short answer in NO!

I have spoken with quite a few folks who tell me they What is on AND IN your mind?have listed their goals. Then in the next breath they speak of the frustrations, trials and tribulations they are feeling. They talk about the thing that just happened “like always” or who did the “same ol’ thing” to them at work. Sometimes they even tell me how they’ll get to work on the goals… later… once family leaves… once kids are back to school and back in a routine… once they’ve ‘recovered’ from the holidays … once their big project is done.

I know what is on their mind! But what is IN their mind? It certainly isn’t their new goals.

Our mind can work on a dual track. And it is not always to our advantage.

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Are You Avoiding Downtime?

As we wrap up 2014, where are you?

Are you feeling exhausted? Are you dreading the upcoming holiAre You Avoiding Downtime?days?

Are you feverishly making big plans for 2015?

Are you trying to cram in final goal achieving before the New Year?

Are you feeling lucky just to get out of bed?

Often we have met some goals, didn’t meet other goals, and even changed some goals. Know that wherever you are – it is ok.

That’s right – it is ok.

Chances are if you have been in a holding pattern you are in needed downtime. Take the downtime. I don’t think enough thought is given to downtime.

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