Are You Avoiding Downtime?

As we wrap up 2014, where are you?

Are you feeling exhausted? Are you dreading the upcoming holiAre You Avoiding Downtime?days?

Are you feverishly making big plans for 2015?

Are you trying to cram in final goal achieving before the New Year?

Are you feeling lucky just to get out of bed?

Often we have met some goals, didn’t meet other goals, and even changed some goals. Know that wherever you are – it is ok.

That’s right – it is ok.

Chances are if you have been in a holding pattern you are in needed downtime. Take the downtime. I don’t think enough thought is given to downtime.

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Business Tips for Real Life… Really! (Episode 4 – Rolling Wave Planning)

Whether we like to admit it or not, business tips can be applied to “real life.” We can incorporate information that helps us do our day to day job better. In turn, those tips often hold great advantages when applied to our non-job life.

Today, I’m going to write about Rolling Wave Planning.Just get going!

This is a term used in project management. It is a form of Progressive Elaboration. I wrote about Progressive Elaboration in an earlier post. (You can read it here for reference.)

Rolling Wave Planning is just a plan of attack on a larger task where you work on the information you have now. As you receive more information, you can continue to do more work on the task.

For example, say you have a task of organizing a conference. You know you do not have all the information to fully plan the conference now.

So should you wait? Heck no!

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Wait… Where Am I? O’ Yeah… the PRESENT!

Where Am I?Do you have something wearing on your mind?

Are you experiencing anxiety about a situation in your life?

Are you feeling worry?

Well where are you? Now that might sound like a weird question. You might say, “I’m in my front room.”

Ok… how about this question then: Where is your mind? Now you might say, “Umm… in my head silly!”

But when you feel anxiety about something or worry – your mind is… in the FUTURE.

Say what????

Chances are you are feeling anxiety or worry over some circumstance that has not happened yet. Something has occurred and now you are forecasting scenarios. This is causing those icky emotions.

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I Can Cha-Cha Like Nobody’s Business!

I saw a great quote recently: An optimist is someone who figures that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it’s a cha-cha.

Have you ever felt like you (temporarily) lost your mojo…. Then found it, only to feel derailed again?I Can Cha Cha Like Nobody's Business!

This has been my life recently.

I have previously written about finding your mojo again. (Check out my post on Drinking My Own Champagne for tips.) But this back and forth kind of threw me. I mean, I write about this stuff. I know this motivational, transformational, living your purpose stuff! What the heck??!!

But as I continue to let this journey unfold – yes, unfold, I am coming to some realizations.

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