Which Season Are You In?

What Season Are You In?What do you think of when you hear the word season?

Usually it is Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer. Or it may be coloring for makeup and clothing. I’m a Winter. It may also be which sports are playing at whichever month of the year it happens to be. Or it may be a current lineup of plays for a theatre.

In this post I will be talking about another aspect of season. I have been hearing this perspective over and over lately – so I figured I really should pay attention! There’s a reason I am seeing it again and again.

Last week I wrote about how there is a Universal law where things ebb and flow. We all have high times and lower times, times of triumph and times of struggle. Let’s add to that idea with seasons.

Seasons mark a phase. It can be a division, a lump of time. It relates to a span of something.

Have you heard the phrase: Season of life?

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Drinking My Own Champagne

I have been so blessed to have great followers that let me know my ideas and thoughts have helped them. I am not going to lie. I absolutely love that!!

Interestingly enough, probably the number one question I get is “How do you stay motivated and always do these tips?” Well in the spirit of transparency here is the honest to goodness truthful answer: I don’t!

It’s true. I am being completely honest.Drink Your Own Champagne

I have times where I am really good and stay on top of things and take consistent action. Then there are times when I feel lost, or unmotivated, or (and here’s the big one!) scared – which keeps me from taking action. In fact, I am coming out of one of those times as I write this post.

I took time off over the spring/summer. I have previously written about how I needed to re-prioritize things in my life. I unplugged. I stepped away from what I thought was work (turned out it was a lot of busyness). But I felt like I had lost some (or even a lot) of my mojo. I questioned if what I was doing was really what I wanted to do. I went through fear, searching, introspection and eventually reinvestment in my work.

I eventually realized I had to drink my own champagne!

I had to listen to the advice I have been giving. I had to hear my own words through a lens that pertained not to other people, but how they pertained to me.

Here is the moral of this story.

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You Got To Have Faith!

Do you have faith?Do You Have Faith?

I’m not talking about faith in a religious context. I am talking about belief – in yourself, in your work, in your life.

It is easy to hear people talk about “just having faith.” And it is quite easy to have when things are going along just fine. But what about when things are unknown? Do you have faith when things hit the skids? And what does that really mean?

What faith is not.

Faith is not an excuse. It can be very convenient to talk about having faith and then sit back and wait for things to miraculously happen. Whether through thinking good thoughts or ‘activating’ the law of attraction, no action will bring no results. Faith in this sense becomes a crutch. It becomes a way to do nothing and pass any responsibility to an intangible thing.

Faith is not a sole solution. Relying on only good thoughts to “fix things” can be disastrous. While this is related to the above paragraph, waiting for things to be solved, or situations to repair themselves through faith alone is the easy way out. If things don’t work out then the faith just wasn’t strong enough. No self-reflection needs to be done, no lessons learned need to be contemplated, no adjustment to the roadmap is developed, and giving up becomes the easiest solution.

What faith is.

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Are You on Auto-Pilot? How Do You Even Know?

Seems like a silly question really? But it becomes like breathing, doesn’t it? We don’t even need to worry about that. We can take breathing for granted for the most part. Our bodies have taken over that function so we don’t even have to shed the tiniest thought about remembering to breathe. Our bodies have taken this mundane task out of the realm of our conscious. But should it?

I know that this may seem like another quite silly question, but hear me out.Is it time to stop?

I think this topic actually resonates throughout our entire being and existence. We get going. We chug along in our daily life doing the things on our calendar. We check off tasks and create new ones to take their place.

And then something happens that shocks us out of our regularly scheduled life. For me, it was the unfortunate and untimely death of Robin Williams.

I was going about my day and if I am truly honest a good portion of it on a kind of auto-pilot mode. And then something happened – something unexpected.

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