Business Tips for Real Life… Really! (Episode 4 – Rolling Wave Planning) Whether we like to admit it or not, business tips can be applied to “real life.” We can incorporate information that helps us do our day to day job better. In turn, those tips often hold great advantages when applied to our non-job life.

buy plan b one step in uk Today, I’m going to write about Rolling Wave Planning.Just get going!

This is a term used in project management. It is a form of Progressive Elaboration. I wrote about Progressive Elaboration in an earlier post. (You can read it here for reference.)

Rolling Wave Planning is just a plan of attack on a larger task where you work on the information you have now. As you receive more information, you can continue to do more work on the task.

For example, say you have a task of organizing a conference. You know you do not have all the information to fully plan the conference now.

So should you wait? Heck no!

You might not know the city where the conference will be yet. This means you cannot work on hotel locations, AV and meeting room needs or a room block for attendees. But you probably know what the topics of the conference will be. Since you know that information NOW you can start working on an agenda and timing schedule. You can probably also begin laying out the conference handouts. Then when the conference location is confirmed you can start working on those other things.

You work with what information you have at the time. Then as you know more, you do more.

Can this really apply to real life? Heck yes!

Are you waiting to start a project because you feel you don’t have all the details? Are you not starting a blog, or a book, or a decorating project because you don’t have ALL the information at once? Well stop it!

Most likely, if you are REALLY honest with yourself, you are using the fact that you don’t know everything right NOW as an excuse to not move forward.

If you are wanting to start a blog I bet there are steps you can begin NOW to get going. Whether it is research, or writing a draft, or creating a blog schedule – there is SOMETHING you can work on now. Then as you learn the platform you will be posting on, or you get your site created then you can move along to publishing your new blog.

Same thing with a book. I bet there is research that can be done. Or perhaps create an outline. You can continue to learn about publishing options, but you can start working on your book NOW.

If you want to redecorate a room, you may not have everything you need, but I bet you can go to a paint store and pick up some paint chips, or you can draw a plan for the new furniture arrangement.

Don’t let the real culprit (fear, anxiety, stress) stop you in your tracks.

Figure out what you can work on NOW knowing that you will continue to incorporate more action as you receive additional pieces of information. Begin now! Don’t wait! You’ll be amazed how easy it will be to continue your momentum.

So get out there and roll with those waves so you can start achieving your dreams!


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18 Responses to Business Tips for Real Life… Really! (Episode 4 – Rolling Wave Planning)

  1. Before, I always waited to start something, for some reasons like I did not have all the information. But, I changed….. And I saw that nothing dangerous happened! 🙂

  2. bestrealhealth says:

    Everything I learn whether it is for business or otherwise can be applied to my entire life. Knowledge is crucial to planning ahead yet there is no way we are going to have all the details from the beginning. Once we start a project, details fall into place as we go along. The more pre-planning or prep work we do ahead of time, the less stress there is toward the end of the project. I think of preparation for a meal. If the veggies are washed, cutup, chopped or in whatever state they need to be for the stir-fry, salad or veggie dish the more efficient you are in putting the meal on the table.

    • That is a great analogy Pat! Those details will fall in to place… but only if we get going. Thorough and conscientious planning should help to get going and have things run more smoothly.

  3. Ines Roe says:

    I love this post and the concept to just get started and not fear and anxiety get in our way. It is great to get started even when we don’t yet have all the puzzle pieces yet. Sometimes the getting started is actually the hardest once that step happens it can sometimes get easier.

  4. MamaRed says:

    Oh lordy, laughing right out loud. I’ve done this so often … waiting til I knew “everything” instead of getting started. Thanks so much for the kick in the butt!

    Laugh lots, Love more!

  5. Everything you say here is true. We plan for the holidays many months in advance (we’re working on Mother’s Day now)….long before we know the prices of flowers. But we know so many other things that will happen at that time of year that we can be prepared on every level possible. But blogging? Gee, I had never though about it, but you are right…there are a lot of aspects of blogging that need preparation, and yes, not having all of them can be an excuse to not start. What I’ve been doing is preparing “drafts” and then when I have more information (pictures, stories, etc) I add that to the draft. So far it’s working for me!!

    • That is a fantastic approach! Get what you can done (this is especially important because you can avoid the time crunch by getting at least some of the work done) and then fill in as you get the information (or inspiration!). 🙂

  6. It is so true, how many people stop themselves dead in their tracks when they haven’t figured out the “how” of everything. There is a great TEDTalk about starting with “why”, because the why is what is really important. Once you know that and begin, the how just interestingly unfolds. I’ve been practicing this myself, as I have been known to want to have all the details worked out before I start. Taking any action is always a good thing. Enjoyed the post and how you get that in business and in life, the lessons apply exactly the same way.

    • I remember learning from Jack Canfield that our job isn’t necessarily to know the HOW, but to know the WHY and the WHAT (even if only a vague idea) and then get moving. The how will show itself. This really changed my thinking about goals, work… just about anything.

  7. Lorii Abela says:

    Thanks, A. Lynn, for providing business tips for life’s application.

  8. that is a great strategy. I often work like that in real life. I usually work with what I have and things unfold as I go

    • I can imagine that in your industry this can really apply. Get going on a design and fill it in as you go. This would allow for moments of inspiration and I imagine that happens a lot as you are decorating. 🙂

  9. meryl444 says:

    Great concept for our business’ and our lives. You’re right. We do put things off in our lives because we can not see the outcome. Some of our best experiences in life come from simply beginning something and enjoying the journey. Begin where you are and with what you have.

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