Are You Ready to Flip the Script? enjoy_the_music_400_clr_9035I had the honor of being a guest on this new podcast. Reba Charleston inspires people who are looking to move from the cubicle to entrepreneurship. She serves from her heart and openly shares her knowledge and experience.

100 percent adult dating sites In my episode I share my journey from living a life where others defined success and my journey of taking my life back and defining what my own success is. I hope you enjoy it!  (Listen to my episode here.)

Reba has an impressive guest list that all share their wisdom and expertise. I encourage you to check out this podcast and subscribe!! (Check it out here.)


Just include this complete statement with the content: A. Lynn Jesus, CEO and Purpose Expert with Thriveology, is dedicated to helping people discover their purpose and live life on their terms.

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34 Responses to Are You Ready to Flip the Script?

  1. There are so many aspects to the transition from employee to entrepreneur, Lynn, many of which people don’t think of before making that transition. Podcasts like yours become invaluable as people evaluate that decision. The choice is not for everyone; not everyone has what it takes. It’s a mindset, a way of looking at things, a determination. I have clients who found they were more comfortable back in jobs … because they felt more in control of their lives there than “on the outside.” Great stuff!

    • Such great points Sharon – agreed! I have friends who like the safety of the corporate ‘womb’ because it allows them to do other things in their life that has priority for them. And thanks! If my episode can help one person decide either way – it’s a win!

  2. Lynn, you were an incredible guest and got the podcast off to a fabulous start! I appreciate your openness and vulnerability. Thank you again for helping others on their journey and being an inspiration to all!

  3. bestrealhealth says:

    Congrats on being asked to participate in this podcast. I tried to install itunes but had issues so I apologize for not listening. Sorry to miss out.. it was probably great.

  4. hjcameron says:

    Great exposure and I love the title being “ready to flip the switch” as it is a different mindset.

  5. Ashley says:

    Great podcast! It’s wonderful that were able to share your story and experiences.

  6. It’s always a good thing to be invited to share your story. I have marked your podcast to listen to when I have more time. Thanks a bunch! YOU rock.

  7. Great episode. I enjoyed it and I will share it, too.

  8. Don Purdum says:

    Looking forward to listening in!!!! I appreciate your positive, upbeat, can-do attitude!!!!

  9. Congrat Lynn! It’s really interesting to be interviewed!

  10. Loved the line, “put your life around you and your purpose”. Fourteen years ago, I followed my heart to leave the cubicle world and become a stay at home mom. Through that experience I returned to grad school and followed my emerging purpose to my current career.

    • That is so awesome Gina! You are doing what you should be doing and sharing your fantastic talents with your family and the world. Doesn’t get much better than that! 🙂

  11. Such a big leap definitely needs some coaching and inspiration. I did over 8 years ago and I love it – the freedom it brings is amazing

  12. Great opportunity for you A. Lynn and I see some other familiar powerful people who have also guested on the show. Congrats on taking the initiative to take your life back and create the life you wanted to live.

  13. So glad that you were a guest on the podcast and was able to share your journey from living a life where others defined success to where you are now! You are so much happier now! Hats off to you for taking charge of your life!

  14. Kungphoo says:

    Awesome! Each persons idea of success can differ very much. I love that you have found your own success and thank you for sharing this and inspiring all of us!

  15. I am glad that I created a website after I got a medical layoff. It gives me something to do and I love working from home. I am unable to work a traditional job and this just made sense even if it doesn’t make me rich. I do it for the joy of helping others.

  16. Much is to be said about taking your life back and being in control of the things that make you happy. Congratulations on your journey! It is an amazing experience when you have the right people who believe in you and your dreams. Who want nothing more than for your success and are willing to help you achieve it.

    • So true Meryl. And I have found that as I took control of my own life, more of those supportive folks and opportunities found their way into my life.

      • Cheryl Relf says:

        Well done! Congrats I totally agree with Meryl… and as you become even more confident and sure of your control over your own life, others are attracted to you ~ the ‘right’ ones that like how you resonate 🙂

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