You Got To Have Faith!

Do you have faith?Do You Have Faith? I’m not talking about faith in a religious context. I am talking about belief – in yourself, in your work, in your life.

annonce de rencontre ephemere It is easy to hear people talk about “just having faith.” And it is quite easy to have when things are going along just fine. But what about when things are unknown? Do you have faith when things hit the skids? And what does that really mean?

What faith is not.

Faith is not an excuse. It can be very convenient to talk about having faith and then sit back and wait for things to miraculously happen. Whether through thinking good thoughts or ‘activating’ the law of attraction, no action will bring no results. Faith in this sense becomes a crutch. It becomes a way to do nothing and pass any responsibility to an intangible thing.

Faith is not a sole solution. Relying on only good thoughts to “fix things” can be disastrous. While this is related to the above paragraph, waiting for things to be solved, or situations to repair themselves through faith alone is the easy way out. If things don’t work out then the faith just wasn’t strong enough. No self-reflection needs to be done, no lessons learned need to be contemplated, no adjustment to the roadmap is developed, and giving up becomes the easiest solution.

What faith is.

Faith is the true belief in what the result will be – even though you cannot necessarily ”see” it yet.

Faith is action’s companion. Nothing will happen if action is not taken to strive toward the desired result. Faith bolsters action. Faith empowers action.

Faith is motivation. When things look bleak, looking upon that undying belief in what is being done can encourage moving forward. Whatever that motion may look like, paired with belief it is the compass in the storm.

Faith is a foundation. If one cannot believe in what they are doing or who they are, how can anyone else? Faith provides a strong base to stand strong against the wind and also is a great example to others that there is power in goals and self-development.

When times are especially tough faith will be necessary to get you through. It will provide the destination on the GPS of life to guide you. It will be the inspiration for taking action to move forward, even in baby steps.

Belief in self and goals is the starting point, the sustaining middle, and the end bullseye to light the road to success. It does not guarantee a smooth road. It will however be the shoulder to lean on one step at a time.

So I ask again… do you have faith?


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20 Responses to You Got To Have Faith!

  1. I love this statement “Faith is action’s companion. Nothing will happen if action is not taken to strive toward the desired result. Faith bolsters action. Faith empowers action.”

    It is so true that faith and action work together. A strong believe in what you are doing is right still required action to see it come to life.

  2. A lot of time I don’t have faith in myself and sometimes I don’t have faith in others. That is something that has affected when I was growing up. A lot of things I wanted to do did not get done because of my lack of faith. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Pat Moon says:

    Faith is what I believe. It is my guide post. Faith gives me hope. Faith gives me the strength and courage to press on, take action and reach out. Faith gives me the courage to share my faith. Faith is a big word and important in my life.

  4. Great article! Believe in yourself 🙂

  5. rozbeads says:

    Always important to be self generating or have confidence regardless of results showing up or not. Nicely written and a different perspective.

  6. Rochefel says:

    I agree! Have faith and believe in yourself and everything else will follow.

  7. You definitely need faith as a business owner. You must believe in yourself

  8. I always have faith. Spiritual and emotional. Faith helps me get up every morning and puts me to sleep at night.

  9. I have an abundance! I get up every day and do what others would probably have given up on long time ago. It takes faith to run my business for sure

  10. meryl444 says:

    Very inspiring post and so very true. Faith is believing when you can not yet see what it is you are after. Living with intention and trusting that you are moving in the right direction even when the obstacles can seem overwhelming is what faith is all about. Let your heart and intuition be your guide. Listen closely. Know without any doubt and do not let og of the belief.

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