Hurry Up… And Wait

Have you ever felt that moment of pure inspiration?Hurry Up and Wait

Your adrenaline gets pumping and you feverishly create whatever the inspiration directs you to create. Then you get ready to release it into the world, only to find obstacle after obstacle after dang obstacle.

The fire fueling the inspiration is then subsequently and often rather quickly snuffed out to a smoldering ember. And your motivation seems to have burned out as well.

I understand this confusing, frustrating, and downright aggravating scenario first hand. I have been working on launching a program for a while now. It feels like a LONG LONG while.

The program itself came into creation rather easily. And every time I look at it I am super happy with it. Then I begin the launch process and discover one block after another. Whether it is website issues, e-commerce issues, plug-in issues, outreach issues, they all seemed to tumble in.

For a while I was angry and even depressed. After taking my lap in the pity pool I got out, dried myself off, and began looking at the circumstances. My conclusion was that it just was not the right time. The Universe was altering my timing.

Now I may not understand why, but I accept it. I had to really take a long hard look at my path. I feel great about the program. Intuitively I am right on track. So now… I wait.

This can be so confusing, but I believe – after much meditation, that what I need will show up when the time is right.

There are many good lessons happening at this time.

I guess in a nutshell I am being directed to rely on my faith. I know like I know like I know that this program is meant to be released. So now… I wait.

I have always said that I am lucky patience is not the ONLY virtue cause then I’d be out of luck! But this is a great exercise in patience. So now… I wait.

I believe in leading by example. And one mantra I have learned and truly 100% believe in that I need to focus on the WHAT, not the HOW. The HOW will show itself. So now… I wait.

I have also had the time to look up. Who knew that there is a lot of life continuing to go on? Perhaps life that needs my attention. Well I guess there is another lesson! I have had the opportunity to cultivate more partnerships and affiliations and deepen relationships. (Maybe partnership, affiliations and relationships that will come to play in the launch… hmmmmm…..) So now… I wait.

If you are finding yourself in a similar place here are some tips to get through “the wait”:

  • DON’T FORCE. It can be easy to keep your head down and plow through no matter what. But this resistance is happening for a reason.
  • Take time to settle. Introspection is your friend, especially at this time. Take a look at what you are working on. Is it still right for you? If no, then it’s time to listen to where you need to go next. If yes, then it’s time to keep your ear open to opportunity and act when the time is right.
  • Take the time to lift your head up and see what is going on around you. Perhaps there is something in your life that needs your attention.
  • Don’t get lazy. The wait isn’t an opportunity to do nothing and let time pass. It is a time to review, hone, tweak, and cultivate. The steps may be closer to baby steps, but remember even meditation/introspection is action.
  • Enjoy the ride. There is no use getting all worked up. Things are clearly not happening right now. There is a reason. Instead of getting angry and frustrated (resulting in low vibration) remain open and excited for what is coming down the path. It will come. Now is your time to get ready!

Once I accepted this resistance as part of the journey the waiting has become easier. But it has not become an excuse to do nothing as I wait. I continue to look for opportunities, strengthen associations, listen to my sphere and audience, and keep planning.

The inspired action will return and things will be off and running again.


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26 Responses to Hurry Up… And Wait

  1. I totally understand this! I agree it happens to all of us. Like you, once I surrendered to the “waiting” and used it productively in some form or fashion to keep moving forward it was easier. This is a great post and one I can see myself re-reading and personally using to get through the down time.

    • Thank you Tamara! I like how you wrote: “…and used it productively in some form or fashion to keep moving forward…” A big piece is to keep moving…. even if it is the tiniest step!

  2. Lorii Abela says:

    Thanks for your great efforts in coming up this very interesting article. Well-read article.

  3. I’ve been there, getting so excited to start a project and then have something happen to stall it. I have to learn how to slow down and enjoy the ride. Great article. thanks!

  4. Hi A. Lynn,
    Excellent post and awesome tips to help with the”wait” . Inspired action……is the key to success!

  5. Very inspirational article. Thanks for the thoughts today. Your faith will always keep you strong.

  6. Love this post A Lynn! It’s speaking directly to me after putting my heart and soul into a project and not getting the outcome that I want. Like you, I draw on my faith, I enjoy the delights of The Moment and, with a deep sense of knowing, I wait! 🙂 I have also embarked on a similar path of introspection believing that we create our world or reality from within. When things aren’t flowing freely, chances are we are out of alignment. The only way to get back into alignment is through deep and honest introspection. There lies the key that locks the door to the answers we are searching for! Doubt, devaluing of self, disappointment, negative self criticism, impatience are all emotions that cause resistance and block the portals to the free flowing energy of the Universe! Thank you for your amazing blog that reminds us to breath, surrender and wait as the Divine plan unfolds. X

    • I couldn’t agree more Michelle! Introspection will get you back or ensure that you are in alignment. And sometimes that alignment shifts. So it is very important to make sure you are tuned in!

  7. Hi Lynn! I like your perspective on the dreaded WAIT. Time for reflection, patience, faith, and an opportunity to learn about WHAT you want and what is possible, while the HOW reveals itself. Good lesson to learn. Thanks for sharing your most interesting views on it. I have to work on my faith that the wait time is for a good purpose!

  8. Great food for thought. I’ve been in situations where everything is working against a goal and it is hard. I like your take on it, it shows a great deal maturity, wisdom and faith. Developing other relationships while you wait will benefit you when you are ready to launch.

  9. Thanks for being so upfront and sharing your story. You have learned many valuable lessons and this will help others. I have felt “lost” and overwhelmed in my life. I believe by going through this and not giving up has made me stronger. And as you’ve mentioned; ” Enjoy the ride. There is no use getting all worked up….” This is so true! Life happens for a reason. Wishing you continued success on your journey.

    • Thank you Alexandra! I’ve learned that things don’t stop or even slow down just cause I am tripped up. (Dang it! Heheh!) Going through the struggle is inevitable. And I agree, it makes one stronger and more resilient.

  10. Coach Niquenya says:

    So true! I have written several ebooks, books, blogs, articles, etc. but my biggest project is a very personal book that I feel forms the basis of my business platform. It is taking a LONG time. So many obstacles and frustrations along the way but with each pain I grow more confident in my ability to produce a magnificent piece of work. Yet, my patience grows thin with not seeing the vision come into fruition right now. I know it’s on the horizon so nothing else left to do but wait. 🙂

  11. You are right. I`ve learned not to stress over timing any more. If I can, I jump in and get it done. If it`s not possible at this time, so be it. Life is too short and I KNOW I am NOT in control of everything. Thank God! 🙂

    • That is an essential piece Norma – knowing you are not necessarily in control of everything. Cause man, I sure act like I’d like to be sometimes! 🙂 But I am always set down where I need to be – even if it isn’t where I thought I would want to be. Something good has always surfaced. So less stress and more openness.

  12. This is another article of yours that so resonates with me. I am always in a rush and find that learning to trust and to practice patience, goes a long way to staying calm and knowing that even with all your best laid plans and actions, there is our timing and then there is divine timing. Very few people talk about this and often it looks like “others” just are launching and shipping and everything goes smoothly for them, having you wonder “why not for me?” It is a great lesson for us all to learn how to wait and in that waiting to go on with life and to continue to have the belief that it will happen in due time. Enjoyed your tips on “how” to be in this waiting period and they all are worth practicing and reminding ourselves of all the time. Thanks for sharing your real world with us, A. Lynn.

    • Divine timing – I love that! And it is true! We are not always the only one in the Captain’s seat. The Universe’s rhythm will prevail. And you might as well make the most of the time it feels like you are left on the shore! That ship will come back round. Hopefully we are better prepared for it after our wait.

  13. rozbeads says:

    Interesting point of view. It might be that you will benefit from waiting for the right time as long as you use the wait time productively, as you have. However, not everyone has the luxury of waiting and those technical obstacles can be addressed so that lauch is ready when you feel the right time appears. I know we all get frustrated, some really upset by systems failures, roadblocks because of technology conflicts, and so I also see the lesson here could be to not to let the blocks dominate, but resolve to address them in a non pressured way.

    • Great reminder to keep at it Roz. I believe we often we put the pressure on ourselves, so continuing to stay in action and moving forward will cause the right doors to open and the right things to fall in place – at the right time. And hopefully we can release that self-imposed pressure.

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