Mea Culpa… I Fell Off the Wagon

I am coming clean!

Those who follow my writing know I believe in transparency. Usually this is AWESOME… until I mess up!

In all honesty the honest truth is…. I must be reminded from time to time that I am… human. As much as my super brain would love to think I fire on all cylinders 100% of the time… I… in fact… do not.

I was on quite a roll there for a bit.

I was writing regularly, posting regularly, I Fell off the Wagon!creating new assets regularly. I was charging toward a product launch. But then I fell off the wagon.

Why? Well, because again, as it turns out I am human. There are the everyday things that ALL of us face – stresses, doubts, obstacles. I know I have felt my fair share over the last few weeks. And I allowed those to affect me. Things felt heavy. Inspiration had seemed to go MIA.

Now here is the really good news. I am back up on that wagon.

The thing to remember is that the toughest part seems to be the initial effort to change the tide and swing back in the direction you were going, or want to be. It’s so important to remember that there is no time limit. There is no expiration date. There is no required period in the penalty box. The truth is you can step back up on the wagon any time you want.

How to turn the tide:

  • Chances are if you have fallen off your wagon you need a rest. This can be a great thing. Take the time to be still and just rest. This is the time new ideas will come to you. New inspiration will find you and re-motivate you.
  • Do not force things. Since I am being all transparent here, I am also a Forcer. This has been a tough lesson to learn (and apparently re-learn… several times). But I believe these tumbles from the wagon are the Universe’s way of nudging me to stop forcing. It is a fabulous reminder that things unfold perfectly and in their own time – even if that timeframe does not match the one in my head.
  • Look back over the activities of the recent past and reassess if they are truly in line with your intentions. They may be and it may just be a timing thing. Or they may not be and this is a perfect time to modify your path.
  • Forgive yourself. It’s ok to take time. It’s ok to change your path. It’s ok to roll up your sleeves (even if it feels like it is the millionth time!) and get back at it – whatever “it” is for you. Be gentle, be kind and be ready for the inspired action to return.
  • Believe in yourself. You are on your path for a reason. You have a calling and a purpose. Perhaps that walk needs a little tweaking, but you have a gift and the world IS waiting for you.
  • Visualize your return. This means really picture how it looks to get back up on the wagon. How will your writing look? How will your schedule change? How will you adjust as needed? What new ideas will you be bringing with you?

I am happy that excitement has returned. I am feeling re-energized. I am feeling more focused. I am feeling at home working toward my goals once again.

Some folks can make adjustments mid-stride. I am clearly not one of those people. And I am ok with that. The cool thing is the view up here on the wagon is looking pretty dang good again.


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34 Responses to Mea Culpa… I Fell Off the Wagon

  1. I’m on the other side of this pendulum swing lately. After being so sick last year, I have fallen in love with self-care, and that combined with the fact that I still have so little energy to spare, that I find it hard to climb onto the wagon or to stay there as long as I used to without breaks.

    So I do less. And pray and meditate more. And build trust.

    I wish for everyone that illness not be required to heal balance.


    • Agreed Sue – illness is not the best balancer. But it sounds like you are on the road to bouncing back in a healthy way. You are continuing in action – even in baby steps, and that will get you there!

  2. Ruth Bowers says:

    I’ve fallen off that wagon more times than I care to admit, usually right before I’m about to finish something. I always end up getting back on eventually, but in between I go into hermit mode and it where motivation and momentum both just grind to a halt.

  3. Tonja Davis says:

    This advice rings true in so many aspects o four life. Business, health, family – sometimes you jsut need to stop and be where you are. Not beating ourselves up, accepting where we are, learning the lesson and moving on is very important to self growth!

  4. Teresa Deak says:

    Your post comes at the perfect time! I’m feeling very much like the wagon just kind of evaporated under me and I’m not really sure where it went. It feels good to be reminded that I’m human, that I can take my time and climb back up at my own pace. Thank you!

  5. Thank you for sharing! I am really good at falling off the wagon, and I too take time to get back on sometimes! I am glad you mentioned the idea of not forcing it. I too am a forcer.. perhaps there is a support group out there for us 🙂

  6. HazelzWorld says:

    I’ve so done that. At times I let life get in the way and then I lose focus. I think everyone does and those who say that they dont are liars. 😉 LOL It takes work to stay focused, lots of hard work. thanks for being honest.

  7. Lorii Abela says:

    Thanks for sharing this article! It is very informative! Worth reading for!

  8. Terri Davis says:

    Kinda providential I landed here tonight. I am struggling getting back in the saddle with my own blog as well. Hopefully I will get the words down on paper in the next few days!

  9. Welcome back A Lynn! I totally understand where you have been and now where you are headed! Good for you! Keep sharing your awesome value and following your passion!

  10. rozbeads says:

    We all take breaks frim time to time. They may be self imposed, circumstantial, lost the inspiration. Doesn’t matter the why. It could be your body talking to you too saying take a break, slow down, smell the ross. You’ll get back up & you did.

  11. I love this – I can so relate. I’ve fallen off the wagon a couple of times and didn’t handle the falls well. There are things I could’ve done to communicate my happenings without giving away too much and assuring people I’d be back because I knew I would within a few days. Instead, I’d choose to just hide and run away. I’ve dusted myself off and moved on .. like you. I’m glad we’ve connected and I look forward to reading through and completing your guidebook. I talk about discovering your WHY in my Marketing classes/workshops.

  12. meryl444 says:

    Great post. I agree well are all human. We fall of the wagon and need time to recharge and regroup. This time allows us to come back feeling refreshed and creative. So much is going on in our lives every day that it gets hard to keep up. Forgiving ourselves it very important. Being human means we are not perfect and life really does affect us all and in very different ways.

  13. Coach Niquenya says:

    Excellent reminder that we all are human and fall off the wagon from time to time. The important part is that you get back up again. Fall 7 times, get up 8. Excellent reminder!

  14. Oh yes…. life. It’s what happens when you’re busy making other plans.! Tee-hee…. Totally get what you’re saying. Great post!

  15. Renee Becket says:

    Lynn, You are perfectly great, just the way you are, even as you say, when you ‘Force’ it. I personally believe in it. Allow yourself that full strength of yours. So what if the timing is off. Either way, keep pushing on. I mean, as an example, when you’re at the gym, on that treadmill, you have to push yourself. Same in your business, keep pushing, forcing, thriving. Go!

  16. hjcameron says:

    Great post and I love your transparency. I too have fallen off the wagon many times over the last few years. Lots of reason for it, not excuses just reasons. I’m working on getting back on the wagon and moving towards reach my goals.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. You and I have a very similar way of being in the world, A Lynn. Like you, I do find myself lacking in inspiration at times and I’ve learned to trust it and be with. To stay open and let something else come…sometimes something I didn’t even have on my radar, which is when I find my excitement again and feel spurred back to action. I am not like the people who stay continually focused and on some track, as I truly do know (after many years of fighting it) that I am guided and things always seem to work out perfectly if I actually trust and allow. Constantly being in action, for me at least, sometimes stops other amazing possibilities from flowing in. Thanks for the great post, as I feel I am in the same place that you were and waiting for the return of passion and inspiration.

    • I love that you bring up trusting Beverly. I, too, totally believe everything happens for a reason. And trusting that the next step IS there and you will find it is reassuring and exciting. And sometimes that excitement of the unknown or excitement of discovery is exactly what is needed to get going again!

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