Peek-a-boo! And You’re Still Here! Yay!

gabapentin 300 mg for dogs side effects So I tried a wee bit of an experiment. Actually, not so much a formal experiment. I just decided to unplug for a couple weeks.Peek-A-Boo!

Friedrichshain I stepped away from regular posting – on all platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Google+, etc.). I didn’t release blog posts on my usual twice per week schedule. I didn’t update my business page on Facebook. I only monitored my emails for “must handle” items and took important meetings.

Why, you might ask?

Because I saw an imbalance that was wearing me down. I have honed being quite busy at work. I mean I was great at it! I filled many hours a day sitting in front of my computer, just knowing that all those hours were creating something.

Was I wrong? Well no.

I know the work I put into my business will (and does) pay off. But what I noticed was that my life was becoming a wheel with one really fat spoke and a few other dwindling spokes. Eventually the wheel would break from the imbalance.

So I decided to spend some time in other areas. I spent more time outside, I developed a personal life, and I took a long hard look at what was actually work in front of my computer and what was making me feel like I was working.

I learned a couple of fascinating things.

I learned that I was doing more busy work than should have been done. Is this inherently bad? Maybe not, but for me I realized that it was really diminishing my return of time vs. the benefit to my life and business. When I honestly looked at my daily activities I realized that hours evaporated and I really did not see a return from that time.

The biggest lesson I learned was that I was hiding. I was hiding behind ‘work’ and neglecting other aspects of my life. I was telling myself a ‘story’ that I couldn’t do things, or couldn’t be places, because I was working. In reality I was not opening myself up to other experiences and opportunities because I was nestled comfortably in the safe haven of work.

Here is another thing I learned. We are often told in the online world that you must be consistent day in and day out with posting, connecting and reaching out online. And I do agree with this, especially if you are just starting out. You must develop a presence. But when I checked back in after my absence I realized that my audience was still there…. patiently waiting for me. In fact, my base had actually grown in my absence. Now granted – I wasn’t away for an extended period of time where folks wondered if I’d ever post anything again, but I was definitely quiet. This was a good validation that my content is relevant. It is still finding its way to new folks and my current audience was still there to consume any new material.

Is there a moral to my tale?

I know for me that I received a much richer return spending time with people in my life (something I was not doing because it took me away from ‘work’) than I was being busy in front of my computer.

I know for me that I was inspired and recharged knowing that my audience was not only still there, but still growing.

I know for me that when I gave my attention to more ‘mission critical’ business tasks I reaped higher rewards. I concentrated my time to higher return opportunities – booking 4 trainings and a speaking gig, and developing a lucrative partnership for the consulting area of my business.

I know for me that I can unplug and it’s ok. I am not neglecting my business, but honoring other essential areas of my life.

I know for me that my life has more balance. And that alone has brought many good things into my life. My physical activity is up, my emotions are more balanced, I am happier at a deeper level, and I have a deeper support system so I don’t have to (foolishly… and unnecessarily) go it all alone as a martyr.

I find many morals to be had from my tale. Luckily I didn’t wait until my wheel did break to evaluate where I was spending my time. I encourage you to take stock in where you are. Be open to really honestly looking at where your time is going and if that time is better spent elsewhere. And don’t be afraid to step away from work. Life continues on no matter what – so why not make it the best life you can!


Just include this complete statement with the content: A. Lynn Jesus, CEO and Purpose Expert with Thriveology, is dedicated to helping people discover their purpose and live life on their terms. Are you ready to get started? Stop going through the motions and find your Why with her FREE guidebook The Life (and Sometimes Coma) of Why.

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30 Responses to Peek-a-boo! And You’re Still Here! Yay!

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  3. Hi Lynn!
    Being rather new to the online marketing blogging and research thing, I have to admit that i noticed what you are talking about right off the bat. At first I had control over it, but as my work started showing progress and relationships were building, I got “hooked” as I call it. Now. after six weeks and getting on the first page of Google, I am going back to getting things in balance. Your post was very motivating, as it edified that I can do that without losing everything that I built up. Thanks for opening up and sharing your personal story!

    • You are so welcome. It’s good to find our boundary lines – which for me usually means I have to overstep a bit to see the line. 🙂 Adjustments will always need to be made. I am glad you are finding your balance!

  4. Ashley says:

    It’s good to unplug once and a while and spend time with others. You learned a lot of great lessons from your ‘experiment’ thanks for sharing!

  5. I had to do this also. Where was my focus and what could I do to expand my business. First off I had to step away from the computer and I had to go out and start making connections.

    Fantastic post and amazing insight on how we need balance in our business. 🙂

  6. Yvonne Brown says:

    You are wise to notice an unbalance in yourself.

  7. Gilly says:

    I plan to unplug in the summer not only because I want to, but where I’m going doesn’t have internet. Great post?

    • Unplugging took some getting used to, but it also really highlighted how much evaporated time I was allowing in my day. I bet you will have a great time being unplugged!

  8. ladymarielle says:

    This is an interesting post to me because I recently had to tone “down” on the amount of time I was spending on the internet/blog. I love what I do but I was starting to put off doing important things in my life and I didn’t really like the stress I was getting from it all. I would love to be able to post every single day but for the next little while I will have to slow down a little bit too! I know it will all pay off!

  9. Pat Moon says:

    Reading about your journey away from regular busy activities is a good lesson for all of us. Our wheel of life can become very out of balance if we do not step back ever so often. Yes, that busy work is not healthy if it is just that and not productive work. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    • You are welcome Pat. It is a great reminder to check all the spokes and see where imbalance may be. Plus I am blessed to be learning new stuff from balancing out my life personally and professionally.

  10. Rochefel says:

    I agree with you. Balance between work and life is crucial but as important as it is…

  11. Pamela says:

    I agree to this! Getting unplugged is a must at least once a week and a complete vacation at least once every quarter to keep our minds fresh. As they say, we’ll always come back smarter and more excited from a vacay!

    • Agreed Pamela! I have changed my “work” days to allow me to spend time with those dear to me and to grow my relationship. I now look forward (and don’t feel bad) being unplugged during the week.

  12. rozbeads says:

    You started off with the key word balance. I feel I work a lot and it doesnt feel like work because I enjoy everything I’m doing. I also make sure I have plans with friends, family, hubby get aways and me time. Glad you explored this for yourself. Often the caregiver neglects oneself but that you are not doing.

    • It’s easy to get caught up in the cycle. I remember when I was working in a bank (eons ago!) I always forgot to do my own banking – even though I was there several hours a day! Keeping a well rounded perspective that includes you is imperative!

  13. alexandramc7 says:

    Good for you for taking time out! It is so important to re-evaluate what we are doing every day. Your post is a great reminder. Glad that you didn’t wait until your wheel did break! 😉 I think I also need some unplugging. Lately, I’ve been online for over 12 hours a day! Hmmmm.

    • The time flies online! It took a great relationship starting before I noticed the error of my ways! Hehe! 🙂 I am grateful I was able to re-evaluate and make sure my priorities were straight. It’s always an adjustment, but that is good! Keeps us on our toes!

  14. Nate says:

    It’s all about balance. I think it’s easy to get consumed by certain things and sometimes the main objective is to focus on the tasks that need to get done. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • You are welcome Nate. And balance is not always 50/50, right? Sometimes those things that have to get done require more of your time, but then it’s important to let the pendulum swing back.

  15. What a valuable lesson you afforded yourself Lynn! With so much preoccupation with the 24/7 perpetual online presence we believe we need to maintain, we often forget to look at the whole of our lives and find the balance in all areas. You will enjoy my recent Huffington Post piece “Are You Taking Advantage of the Clouds in Your Life?”, as it addresses this very topic and encourages everyone to find their own ways to explore what works for them when it comes to living a full, stress-free, balanced life! Welcome back and glad everyone is still here!

  16. Kungphoo says:

    It is important to stay in balance. We have to devote our time to different areas in our life. Of course it will never be perfectly even, but we should do the best that we can. Great article! 🙂

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