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How do you handle it? That inevitable force you feel weighing upon your shoulders.

Do you fall apart at the first sign of a burden or challenge? Or do you face it and move through it?pressure_gauge_400_clr_3910

Pressure is a given. Life comes with pressure. We have all felt it – that deadline, or not having enough money at the end of the month, or family dynamics. And pressures constant companion seems to be stress.

Knowing that pressure is a part of life, the question then really becomes how to handle it. It becomes about perspective.

Now I have said before that I believe it is healthy to take a lap in the pity pool. I believe we all need a time to settle and lick our wounds. The essential thing becomes knowing how to leave that pity pool before you become a shriveled mess.

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Believe it or not, you have the power to decide how you react. You have the ability to put pressure in its place. It will have a place – that is a given. But it does not have to rule your day, bring you down emotionally, or sabotage your progress. And if it does – YOU are allowing it.

Ouch… that smarts a bit, doesn’t it?

But it is true! YOU are in the driver’s seat. If you choose to give pressure the steering wheel, then that is a choice you made. Here is the great news though – just as you gave the steering wheel away, you can take it back! Again, it is all up to you.

Here are a few tips to help handle pressure:

  • Look at the big picture. It is so easy to get lost in the emotion. Take a step back and put the pressure in its place. Are you short on money this month? Take a step back and look at the big picture: do you have a roof over your head? Do you have food in your fridge and cabinets? Have you made it through tough financial times before? Chances are the answer is yes. The big picture will help to keep things in perspective.
  • Start a gratitude list. Write down 3-5 things you are grateful for each day. These items do not have to be huge sweeping things. They can be as simple as having the pen and paper to record your gratitude. By highlighting things we are grateful for it is easier to see the wonderful things in our lives. Seize the emotion of gratitude. It will be a wonderful pillar of strength for you.
  • Keep stress in check by staying in the moment. Often feeling pressure comes from worrying about things. This worry tends to draw our attention to the future. And the future is something that has not come our way yet. So focus on the moment right now. What can you do in this moment right now? Let these actions drive your future, not worry. We create so much that isn’t really there when we worry about the future. Takes it a moment at a time.

single_diamond_400_clr_13581And remember, pressure isn’t always a bad thing. Beautiful things are the results of pressure, such as a brilliant diamond. Be the beautiful diamond. Shine in the presence of pressure. It really is up to you.

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22 Responses to Pressure – Do you Crumble… or Shine?

  1. Cheryl Relf says:

    Love your tips here ~ powerful post 🙂

  2. Awesome information A Lynn, will have to try these tips, thanks!

  3. JoCasey says:

    Great tips – it’s easy to forget that we all need a certain amount of pressure in order to thrive. You tips on coping when it all feels a bit much are really helpful .

  4. bestrealhealth says:

    Handling pressure depends a lot on your personality and attitude. You made some excellent points in this article. Pressure, the right amount can help you grow into that diamond that shines.

  5. Gina Binder says:

    Great post, Lynn. Pressure is a part of life, but we decide our response to it. Looking at the big picture, practicing gratitude, and focusing on the present moment help me keep control of the wheel.

  6. Perfect!! I try to “choose my battles” because I know I can’t always win the war!

  7. rochefel says:

    All correct. We can’t control what happens around us but we can control how we react to it.

  8. I think that is true in life you are going to go through a lot of pressure either from working and from society which is going to make you or break you.

  9. When I am in those moments, i always breath and center back myself. It works a lot. Thank you for your tips.

  10. Stress is becoming a major health concern for so many Lynn and I think your tips offer a good perspective to circumvent it by observing it and not getting caught up in it. Even though I am totally a “big picture” person, the small details and often the waiting, still get me sometimes.

  11. Learning to respond to situations versus react is something we all have to work on I am sure but what a tremendous difference it can make in your life once you develope the skills. Great advice!

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