What’s on Your Mind? Is It IN Your Mind As Well?

Tis the time of year for goal making. Folks are spending quite a bit of time thinking about the new year and what they would like to accomplish.

But what is really on your mind?

Have you thought in general terms of what you are looking to achieve in 2015?

And is that enough? The short answer in NO!

I have spoken with quite a few folks who tell me they What is on AND IN your mind?have listed their goals. Then in the next breath they speak of the frustrations, trials and tribulations they are feeling. They talk about the thing that just happened “like always” or who did the “same ol’ thing” to them at work. Sometimes they even tell me how they’ll get to work on the goals… later… once family leaves… once kids are back to school and back in a routine… once they’ve ‘recovered’ from the holidays … once their big project is done.

I know what is on their mind! But what is IN their mind? It certainly isn’t their new goals.

Our mind can work on a dual track. And it is not always to our advantage.

From the conversations mentioned earlier I can tell that these people have thought about their goals with their conscious mind. They may have even written them down. They may even have posted them where they can see them.

But the other (more plentiful) points of the conversation tell me that they are in a rut in their subconscious mind. They are subconsciously thinking about the wrongs done to them, or how things always happen to them, etc. What they are forgetting or missing is that the subconscious mind is where the seed of action is planted.

Progress will not be made if negative thoughts are pervading one’s mind. The tricky thing is that these negative thoughts have become such habit that they aren’t even noticed anymore.

Think I am off the mark? Have you ever made a list and purposely put it somewhere where you would see it every day? How long was it before that list actually disappeared from your sight? Can you even remember what is on it when you are not standing right there in front of it? Too often, that list fades into the background. We look at the fridge, or in the bathroom mirror, and we don’t even realize the list is there.

Just general thinking about your goals won’t cut it. Your thoughts must drive deep. They must be planted IN your subconscious. This is where the magic happens. Also, by purposefully planting and tending what is going in your subconscious, you can eliminate those negative thoughts that keep you in a rut.

Tips for purposefully planting seeds of action:

  • Definitely create the list, intention or affirmation you want to follow. And do post it in a conspicuous place.
  • Create a secondary ‘alarm’ to jostle you out of auto-pilot. If you know you shower at a specific time, set an alarm on your phone reminding you to read your post that is right there on the mirror.
  • Create a daily habit of stopping whatever task you are doing and reading your post.
  • Include reading your post in your to do list for the day. If you want to make sure and look at your post twice a day – right it in twice on your to do list.
  • Test yourself throughout the day. What comes easier to your mind? Are you thinking more about your post, or the negativity around what someone did or what sabotage just keeps happening. If it’s the latter don’t beat yourself up about it – just start thinking about your post. Change your thought right them and there!

Our society lives on auto-pilot. It will take conscious effort to shake that behavior. And it will take repeated reminding of our goals, intention or affirmation to keep it in the forefront of your mind and active in your actions.

The bottom line is what is on and in your mind? Is it thoughts that feed a negative cycle or thoughts that feed inspiration and action to achieve what you want? Hopefully as the year progresses it will regularly be the latter.


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18 Responses to What’s on Your Mind? Is It IN Your Mind As Well?

  1. Cecilia says:

    I don’t know if my comment appeared or not, Just wanted to say that I loved your post, and how much it is true to be aware of the thoughts we have daily.

  2. Cecilia says:

    You are so right, Lynn. Being conscious about our thoughts helps definitely. To be aware of what we think about and what we speak about, is the core behavior to success. Thank you so much for your great post, it reminded me to be more aware.

    • You are so welcome Cecilia. We often give away the presence of mind to be conscious about what we are thinking. This process should be a an active and dynamic piece, not allowed to be on autopilot. Sometimes the break is needed just to get back in the habit of being in the moment and an active participant in our thoughts.

  3. This is a great post that should be repeated later on in the year. The good old “join a gym and last a month” is so common. We think about our goals this time of year and then loss focus. I like you idea of making sure we “Schedule” reviewing our goals.

  4. Great article about staying on track with goals and how the subconscious and self sabotage can cause failure. The dualistic nature of our mind is a great point. Nice!

    • Thank you! Sometimes realizing that we need to keep aligned with both sides of our mind (conscious and subconscious) can help us get through tough times and turn what seems like failure into wins.

  5. This is true. If we do not guard our minds, our thoughts can take over and become our actions. Speak LIFE in your life and that is what you will act on

  6. rozbeads says:

    Fortunately I participate in anongoing transformational group with seminars & buddy calls thats helps keep my focus consious on who I BE. Everything flows from that & I can recognize when auto pilot is running the show.

    • We all can slip into autopilot. That is a great strategy of having an ongoing group to help keep you focused. I know I treasure my mastermind group. Their influence and support is priceless!

  7. This is the time the people set aside to set new “resolutions” (aka goals) in life. I set 8. So far I have accomplished 3. One is on-going and the others will happen this year. I know it is important to stay conscious on these goals every day.

  8. meryl444 says:

    I agree with you. Everyone has the best of intentions for how they want their year to go but then we get sidetracked by that is happening right in front of us. Life happens to all of us and we need to get better at dealing with life yet remaining set on the path to reach our goals. When you write your goals down you are better able to set realistic steps to achieve them.

    • I also think writing them down keeps them more ‘front of mind” as well. And that helps. You are so right – life happens. No getting around that. So the key becomes dealing with life AND continuing to strive and work on goals.

  9. Love that this time of year people are so conscious of creating new goals and shifting paradigms and patterns in their life. I agree with you that we do live on autopilot a lot of the time and it is so very important to stay conscious and to keep ourselves in the present moment, reminding ourselves of what is really important to us in our lives. Here’s to a wonderful 2015 filled with new possibilities manifested!

    • You hit a key point – they need to follow up with the paradigm shift/patterns. Then they will get into action and start manifesting. Seeing people really looking at their lives and how they want to better it is so motivating. It is so fun! 🙂

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