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looking_though_binoculars_pc_800_clr_2823It can become too easy to lose sight of those we are aiming to serve. These folks are in a group called stakeholders. Stakeholders are any person who has influence over or is influenced by your project. That can be a wide audience. But by keeping an eye on your stakeholders, you are more likely to meet their needs and be on target through your service.

Managing stakeholders is also a great way to make sure you keep the end in mind and meet their needs. Tunnel vision is one thing that can cause folks to miss their mark. Making sure you have your eye on your stakeholders will help you keep the big picture in view.

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2 Responses to Who Are You Watching – You or Them?

  1. I haven’t seen the concept of “stakeholders” addressed in our online industry before, Lynn, and I love seeing it. It was the topic of my MBA thesis! And I’ve never forgotten to take the 30,000-ft view and then come back down to the ground to address what I saw that needed considering or “fixing.” Great vlog!

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