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Hurry Up… And Wait

buy modafinil glasgow Have you ever felt that moment of pure inspiration? Your adrenaline gets pumping and you feverishly create whatever the inspiration directs you to create. Then you get ready to release it into the world, only to find obstacle after obstacle … Continue reading

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What’s on Your Mind? Is It IN Your Mind As Well?

http://electelen.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=https://electelen.com/videos/ Tis the time of year for goal making. Folks are spending quite a bit of time thinking about the new year and what they would like to accomplish. But what is really on your mind? Have you thought in general … Continue reading

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Are You Avoiding Downtime?

As we wrap up 2014, where are you? Are you feeling exhausted? Are you dreading the upcoming holidays? Are you feverishly making big plans for 2015? Are you trying to cram in final goal achieving before the New Year? Are … Continue reading

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Wait… Where Am I? O’ Yeah… the PRESENT!

Do you have something wearing on your mind? Are you experiencing anxiety about a situation in your life? Are you feeling worry? Well where are you? Now that might sound like a weird question. You might say, “I’m in my … Continue reading

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