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Mea Culpa… I Fell Off the Wagon

calcium carbonate manufacturers uk I am coming clean! Those who follow my writing know I believe in transparency. Usually this is AWESOME… until I mess up! In all honesty the honest truth is…. I must be reminded from time to time that I am… … Continue reading

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Business Tips for Real Life… Really! (Episode 4 – Rolling Wave Planning)

serpina music instrument price in sri lanka Whether we like to admit it or not, business tips can be applied to “real life.” We can incorporate information that helps us do our day to day job better. In turn, those tips often hold great advantages when applied … Continue reading

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The Flow – Friend or Foe?

alprostadil urethral suppository cost We all love THAT moment. You hit a stride. You have set a system in place that just works! You are in the groove. Productivity is high. And then…. a huge elephant sits in the middle of the room. Suddenly … Continue reading

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Walk It Off

zithromax uk Do you plant yourself in front of your computer for hours at a time ‘working’? Chances are you are there so long because you are getting frustrated, distracted and mentally exhausted. And time is evaporating around you at an alarming … Continue reading

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